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I need an online tool to that people can submit content to that also includes some sort of calendar for scheduling when that content will actually be posted. Process suggestions also welcome.

I help coordinate social media content for the company I work for. We have to distribute the work of actually creating the content to other groups because we are a small team. What we've done in the past is given people access to our Twitter and Facebook accounts so they can post when they have content ready. We gave them some general guidelines about frequency and the importance of coordinating, but the situation has gotten out of hand as more groups have become interested in contributing.

We've decided what might be best is to have people submit the social media content somewhere web accessible and then my group/I will schedule when the content will actually be released and actually post it (so as not to bombard our fans/followers with too much on a daily basis). We want this online for a couple of reasons - coordinating emails will be a huge pain and we want people to actually see how much content is going out and reinforce the importance of scheduling and coordinating the content.

Do you know of any tool that might work for this? Do you have any other ideas of how we can optimize this process?
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Basecamp sounds like it fits what you're looking for; I've used that for similar purpose (coordinating a "Day of" that ended up having 2,000 independent events, for example).

Alternately, Google Docs / Wave might provide a workable solution.
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Best answer: hootsuite might be a good option. Users can submit content and the editor can approve and schedule the content. It works for twitter and facebook. Also there are some other enterprise level software out there but I don't have first hand knowledge of them.
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Response by poster: Tobiaswright - that is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for (and then some). Thank you!
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For twitter, I know about cotweet, which lets multiple users access a single twitter account and also schedule tweets. Not sure if this is what you're looking for?
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