What's the best way to hire a web developer for a one-off project?
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What's the best way to hire a web developer for a one-off project?

I want to outsource a specific software project. What's the best way to hire someone to do the work? I guess specifically:

How? (Where's the best places to advertise)
Who? (Is it best to get a single developer, or use a studio/company. Ideally I'd prefer the latter, but how do I find them?)
What should I look for to make sure this is teh right person for the job? (We're outsourcing as we need it done relatively soon; I don't want someone who gets halfway through and then gets a job elsewhere, for example, or turns in an inferior job which we're unaware of until a year later)

(More detail: we're looking for someone to create in PHP (probably) the basis of an API for our web application; we've got pretty good draft documentation on what the calls should be, what protocols it should use etc, but we'd also like good advice on the best way to implement it (SOAP vs REST, whether to use 3Scale or Apigee or something else).
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Lots of websites like stackoverflow, reddit, etc., have job boards that are a pretty good bet for attracting serious nerds. Craigslist is also a pretty good avenue because most of the freelancers I know still use it, in addition to other job boards.

It sounds like you have someone in house who would be capable of doing a code review; seeing if any in house dorks have friends who could take on the project is good, but actually having someone review work samples is better ;)
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The Metafilter Jobs page seems to tend in that direction, certainly. I can't vouch for how many of those spots get filled or anything, but this site is definitely full of web-savvy geeks.
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There are also sites like rentacoder.com and elance where there are ridiculously cheap bids. I don't have any first hand experience with any of these sites, though.
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