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32 year old web developer seeks new job before this one drives him insane. Where can I go from here...?

Like many geeks in web development, I started doing a little web site building while I was at college doing a IT degree. It started out as a hobby, and it became my main job when I dropped out of college.

That was ten years ago.

I've taught myself html, css, php, js, a little java and a little perl. I'm not bad at it, but I'm getting bored of pointless projects for a company that never goes anywhere (probably 2 of my last 10 projects actually got completed before the client got bored).

I still love web development as a 'hobby', but I'm resenting it - which means I can't code stuff for fun now either.

So, I ask you, what sorts of jobs can an html/php/css type bod transfer over to without taking too much of a pay hit, when he has no degree he can flash at all the "graduate only" roles that are appearing at the moment? £20k is pretty much my floor wage.

If it helps (although I doubt it does) I also love photography (talented amateur territory), woodwork (ditto) and driving (gods gift, obviously). I dislike telephones and I couldn't sell water to a hungover man in the sahara.
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Iphone app development in line with one of your hobbies ? At worst you write something that aligns with one of them and get on to a different platform. At best you make some money?

I dunno, I'm in disenchanted land myself a bit these days and I've been trying to think of how I could translate some of my external interests in to a nifty app that would help me out or entertain me..and then maybe get other people interested.
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I'm not sure from your question but you mention 'clients', so are you at an agency? Would you consider working in-house instead? (or if you're in house, going to an agency) It would give you a greater variety of work and a change of pace.

How about the marketing side of the web? SEO/SEM may have a dodgy reputation but it's a booming industry at the moment, especially in the UK. With your technical skills you could transfer over and learn all the fluffy stuff. It's what I do for a living so if you have any questions feel free to MeFi Mail me. A start salary for a graduate trainee is around £18-£20k but experience/interest counts far more than education.
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Uh, if you're interested in a front-end development job that isn't pointless, and are in London, drop me a memail and we can talk.
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