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What's the best activity for a good looking butt? Is it running or lunge exercises, maybe something else?
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Other answers will be more physiologically educated than mine, but I always hear that the stepping activity is what targets the bum muscles. So running stairs, or working out on the step machine, should help.
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lunges, squats, jumping onto a BOSU ball - from side to side

note - spot reducing does not work! but if you want to focus your exercises on one group of muscles, these three are best for the glutes
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Seawall has it right!

Let's examine this - spot reduction, the idea of doing more exercise with a certain muscle group, like around your ass, to reduce fat, is impossible.

Otherwise fat people and gum chewers would have skinnier faces from all the jaw motion.

Reduce the fat. Increase the muscles.
Your body doesn't know if you're doing squats, using a nautilus machine....or running from a cougar. Overload (fatigue, brief, intense) is what counts. Not tons of work.

Don't look at the guy/gal next to you at the gym - different genetics entirely.

So, recap. Lift weights (retain muscles). Work hard. Reduce fat.

Oh, and #3 profit.
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I've ended up with a great-looking butt (and fabulous legs) from taekwon do (ITF, rather than the Olympic version (WTF) - there's a difference).
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Soccer players always have nice rears. And nice legs to boot.
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Dancing is great exercise for your whole body, but I find it helps out especially in the butt/thigh region. Its also a lot easier to work out if what you are doing is fun, so mayhap consider joining a class (I recommend jazz).
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Lunges work great for toning, but if there's some fat that needs to go you'll have to do some kind of cardio as well.
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Cycling. No other exercise uses the glutes in quite the same way. My 43 year old male butt is one of my best features, and it puts J-Lo to shame. High and firm.
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I find brazilian jujutsu to be an incredible workout for my butt - and the whole rest of my body.
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