Recommendations for music similar to the Grim Fandango score?
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I'm a big fan of the music from Grim Fandango. Particularly liking the muted trumpet. Anybody recommend some similar music?
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Duke Ellington's Anatomy of a Murder, perhaps?
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You should check out the band Calexico.
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These are more than a few steps removed; but I loved that game and these both came to mind: Raymond Scott (think Ren and Stimpy); Mad Caddies (pop-ska-punk-rock... maybe several steps removed).

This is my first post I hope it goes over well!
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I don't know of any additional sources, but THANK YOU for the link - I have had two tracks from that game on my iPod for like ten years but I somehow missed that they had released the whole soundtrack. AWESOME.
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For what its worth the music seems to be all vintage big band type stuff (1920's - 40's). And IMO not as good as the original stuff. Check out some of the original big bands. The Fandango stuff especially reminds me of Cab Calloway. Try some Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, early Woody Herman. For muted trumpets, I'd go to the early Ellington Orchestra for sure, over the years the guys in his band basically defined muted trumpet. Check this interesting page.

As for people nowadays, Alf Clausen (at time of post his site is down), has a really great Big Band with this kind of stuff. He's also the guy that does all of the music for The Simpsons (but didn't write the theme song..).

If you're into live music (which everyone should be!) there are plenty of bands out there still doing this stuff.
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Sorry, no help, but ditto what oblique red said.
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Second alhadro

Definitely check out big band stuff from the 30's and 40's; for a perfect example see Duke Ellington's The Mooche .

Really anything from jazz that coincides with noir era films will do it.

The Fallout 3 soundtrack has a few songs that are similar but it's really reaching into the 50's.
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