Movie with a flower-through-concrete timelapse?
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I'm trying to remember a film released within the last 10 years, most likely from the early 2000's. The last shot of the movie is a timelapse shot of a flower blossoming or possibly sprouting up through concrete. It's likely a Todd Haynes film or a Charlie Kauffman script or something along those lines. (Pointing me toward any other movies with time-lapse shots of flowers blossoming would also be helpful.)

I don't think it's Adaptation, because I remember the choice being more of a non-sequitur. And I'm pretty sure I was told the last shot was stock footage, so it was likely edited in NYC. It's also possible I'm getting confused, and the shot I'm thinking of is somewhere in the middle and not at the end. Thanks!
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Best answer: No, it is indeed adaptation.
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Best answer: The end of Adaptation. I remember another more involved time-lapse in this as well.
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Yes, definitely Adaptation. I believe The Turtles' "Happy Together" plays during the sequence. Does that sound familiar?
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Response by poster: Oh, man. Yeah, that's definitely what I was thinking of. (Thanks for the link, domographer. I thought I had googled and couldn't find a handy online clip to check for that. I was likely foolishly searching for "adaptation 'last shot'" or something else overly specific.)

Oh, well. I had remembered it feeling more fluid and blossom-y...

Thanks, three.
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Best answer: Not sure if a documentary would suit whatever your purpose is, but David Attenborough's six-part series The Private Life of Plants "utilises time-lapse sequences extensively" and is pretty spectacular. Plenty of torrents available.
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Response by poster: Wow, thanks mireille! (And thanks for picking up on my side question.)
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