No I don't care about your latest top ten lists of comic book villains. Really.
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I read io9 through RSS. The Gawker media empire has decided to axe all of their full-content feeds. This has also lead me to realize I was getting kind of bored with their content mix.

What other websites do you know of that 1. have sci-fi-related news/information (preferably a mix of TV, movies, and books) and interesting discussion and commentary 2. have full RSS feeds (will overlook if content is really awesome/interesting)?
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This lifehacker article explains how to still get the full Lifehacker feeds. Any chance that this link gets you the feed you're looking for?
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I don't read every post, but read many on I covers the mix of topics you've requested perfectly*. I'm not sure about RSS, I don't use it from there.

*disclaimer: I have just started writing for the site. However, I was a reader beforehand, and I've only done one post. I still think it fits the bill.
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Second niles. You can use too, if the link he sent doesn't work.

As for movies, check out Cinematical, Twitch, Bloody Disgusting, Slashfilm,
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