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Is there a way/site/method to filter out retweets on Twitter?
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Yes. If you are on a user's page you can choose to not show retweets from that user in your timeline. Next to the "following" underneath their picture, there is an icon of a mobile phone and then a green cycle-type icon which represents retweets. Click this icon and the user's retweets will not appear. This method works well if there are only a few people you follow who retweet heavily.
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If your contacts are using the new retweet feature where the original author's image appears with a retweet icon (instead of the original-style retweets that are just posts starting with "RT"), then you can turn off retweets from a specific person by going to their page and clicking the retweet icon next to the "following" check mark.
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Oh, I am so doing that for Roger Ebert. I loves the Rog, but he retweets constantly.
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I wish there was a way to filter out retweets of a particular user. I don't mind seeing retweets from most people, but there are one or two desperately unfunny people who get retweeted by all sorts. I want to block at source. (Yes, you can block, but that doesn't stop RT format retweets).
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