Best discussion forums about hacking?
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What are the best discussion forums about hacking culture and techniques (web, usenet, or otherwise)?
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Techniques: Bugtraq & Full Disclosure.
Culture: DefCon Forum, 2600's HOPE Forum & cDc's Bovine Dawn Dojo.
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Not hacking per se, but I've always enjoyed reading Freedom To Tinker which talks about closed source culture and how it's detrimental to democracy and bla bla. Some of it is reporting on hacking [like with voting machines] and some of it is talking about how to prevent this sort of thing, not in a "oh we are not safe from the hackers!" way but in a "hey if you want to assure that this tool is untamperable, here is what you have to do" way. It's also not quite a discussion forum, but there is a lot of lively conversation in the comments.
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Hacker News.
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