Pre-planned cuz I'm OCD like that.
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Spontaneous Pre-thunk-up activities.

We're getting married in October.

Our idea is to make a list of 52 'activities' and then jot down each on a piece of paper... put them in a vase and then once a week... say every Saturday...draw one out and that's the activity must be done that week.

One per week... and hopefully make our first year of marriage interestingly awesome.

Along the lines of...

'Have sex in a sneaky place!'

'Pack eachother lunch all week w/ a love note'

'Turn on music and do a jigsaw puzzle'


Help us make the list! Nothing illegal please.

I know you guys will come up with awesome stuff! Ask your significant others for input too please :]

Maybe we will take a picture signifying what the activity was for the week and then that will be part of our 1st year photo album. You know, except the sex one. Maybe just a picture of wherever the deed gets done at LOL.
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Dance around the living room to the first song you danced to at your reception.
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Pretty mundane ideas but it is all about execution: bake cookies together, go on a picnic, make a photo collage or other art item, watch a sunrise/sunset with coffee/wine. Love the idea! I'm sure you'll get lots of great suggestions so have fun!
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Split the list between you and each person pick a week in advance to plan for the other.

This does not answer your question.
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Strip Poker
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Fun idea!

Make a dinner full of food you've never eaten before.

Go (something) picking. (Depending on time of year you pull it... strawberry, apple, pumpkin, etc.)
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- go back to the place where you had your first date
- volunteer / do community service
- read poetry to each other / write haikus for each other
- make a time capsule
- queen/king for a week - be obsequiously accommodating to the other's wishes
- match clothes everyday of the week (not gross matchy-matchy but dress 'like a couple')
- 7 days, 7 new bars
- go skinny dipping
- make a movie ;)
- play hookie from work and go visit the zoo / amusement park
- draw portraits of each other
- host a dinner party
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Visit all the tourist attractions in your local area that you'd otherwise never visit, since you live there. (One at a time of course). Do you have a community farm? Art house cinema showing foreign language films? Etc etc.
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Spend $5 on 1001 Ways to Be Romantic. I'm sure you can find 52 decent suggestions among them.
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Spend at least 24 consecutive hours naked. I think that most people in Western culture go their whole lives without doing this. We're wrapped up in blankets from the moment we're born, and it's all downhill from there.
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-Take a cooking class
-Make each other mix CDs/tapes
-Go to a concert of a band/artist you've never heard of
-Go to a play
-Go for a hike

I know a couple who's been married nearly 30 years, and every night, they take a walk together, wherever they are. I read about another couple with the same tradition (on the green, maybe? apologies), and one partner said that it's their time to talk about anything and everything: The world around them, their days, words.
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