simple but pretty brainstorm app (mac)?
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Can anyone recommend a nice looking simple mac app to help me organise ideas/projects?

I'm looking for something that I can use to jot down ideas and possible projects and then list what is involved for each. I dont need any extra project management bells and whistles, just something I can have open all the time on my desktop to add to when the idea strikes!
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Not sure if this is what you're looking for, and I haven't used it personally (yet, but meaning to), but I've heard from a lot of people that Scrivener is a really useful tool.
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Personally, I like Evernote ( it's really flexible, offers a free version and supports a lot of platforms (Mac, PC, mobiles, Web etc.).

Scrivener can be used for note taking too (I love it for writing) but I think Evernote is a closer fit.
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And Notational Velocity is the hacker's alternative to Evernote (plus it won't stick you with an ad)
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OmniOutliner — It has a simple interface that hides away a lot of complexity that you may one day want.
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Notational Velocity can be almost whatever you make it.
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I use the built-in Stickies app for this. It's classic!
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Definitely Notational Velocity. I keep it in the dock and use it all the time for note-taking, keeping track of URLs I want to link to in blog posts, etc.
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Well, you'll need an internet connection for this, but I've never used or heard of anything better than The Big Picture. It is the awesomeness.
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Webspiration is a web-based system I am using to organize a large project right now. It allows you to outline and make webs.
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In the unlikely event that you're already a Vim user, there's Vim Outliner, a plugin that turns Vims into an editor for hierarchical outlines. It can do some quite complicated stuff, but I tend to use only the simplest features.

Note: I think this is great because I already use Vim for everything. Don't learn Vim just for this.
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Not "Vims". I can't type.
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Not an app per se, but Remember the Milk has been extremely useful for me. It's so easy and fun to use, I actually enjoy making lists with it.
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Notational Velocity is fantastic, and it also syncs with simplenote on the iphone. Evernote is great if you enjoy bloated, slow applications that are butt ugly.
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nthing Notational Velocity (paired with SimpleNote if you're iPhone-enabled). Power in simplicity.

As justgary says, Evernote is way too bloated for simple note-taking.
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Best answer: TaskPaper + SimpleText from Hog Bay Software. Mac desktop and iPhone app versions.
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I've just started using MacJournal to keep class notes organised, and am very happy with it. It's a note taking app that is flexible and powerful enough to be a general project/file manager. It's on sale bundled with some other software which is hit and miss.
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Things by Cultured Code
Notebook by Circus Ponies

Apologies for not providing links. I'm posting from my phone.
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While the subject is open, does anyone know of a Windows desktop app that syncs with Simplenote?
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My personal preference is VoodooPad. It's sort of a free form personal wiki and what I like about it is that it's completely unstructured and I can organize things the way they make sense to me. I learned about VoodooPad from this ask question two years ago actually, (thank you mac-way!) and I really can't imagine using anything else to organize my thoughts at this point. As you're seeing though there are lots of possible solutions for this sort of task, and I don't think any one is objectively best.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the ideas, I've had a fun few hours trying them all out!
I think Taskpaper is exactly the thing I am after: super simple and really easy to get the stuff from head to text asap :D
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