What software will help me make a client intake form?
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I need free software (or something) that will help me create a printed client intake questionnaire.

I need to create a multi-page form that I can print out and hand to new clients for them to fill out. It'll ask for all the basic personal information, plus a whole bunch of other questions. Some answers will be short, some will be long and free-form, and others will just be check-boxes. There will be a lot of explanatory text, blank spaces, lines and boxes all over the place. What free software or templates exists that will help me make a form that's easy to create and modify to suit this office's idiosyncratic information needs?
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I'd imagine Google Docs could do this.
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I like HTML for this kind of thing. I prefer to code these things rather than lay them out in a word processor. Bonus: if you decide to go electronic, the form layout is already done - you just have to hook up the plumbing. Getting it to print right might take some work, but that's likely true of anything else.

Only free if you know HTML or someone who does, of course. But that's a skill I would recommend to almost anyone who works with information.
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