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I need some music. The kind of music that brings a small tear to your eye as you say to yourself, I will get through this because I can do it! or You understand what I'm going through!

Specifically, it would be great if they were in the second person. (I.e. you will make it through)

A good example is Dream On. It's not super happy, it's just like there is a nice person who is giving you a blanket and some cocoa even though you're a hot mess.

I am sending an awesome compilation to my friends in grad school who feel inadequate and need a hug from far away, so any other songs that might be appropriate, please share.

Thanks much.
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Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone
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When I'm in this sort of mood/place, I go to the Weakerthans a lot. I especially like 'Sunlight in an Empty Room' and 'Virtute the Cat Explains Her Departure'.
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Ooh! Pick me! Rilo Kiley- A Better Son/Daugher
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Definitely foreverinmotion's The Rain. (Sorry, only a myspace link, but the song's there and is also available on iTunes).
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The Beatles - Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight
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This Year, by The Mountain Goats. Chorus? "I am going to make it through this year if it kills me."

Perhaps a little... energetic for what you're looking for, but it's almost perfect for a "This sucks right now, but 'there will be feasting and dancing in Jerusalem next year'" sort of vibe.
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Argent - Hold Your Head Up
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Carole King and James Taylor - You've Got A Friend
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The timing is admittedly not great, but basically all of the Sparklehorse catalog his served in this role for me at some point:

Gold Day
Apple Bed
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The Pretenders - I'll Stand By You
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Doomriders - Lions

Don't let these fuckers grind you down!
Don't let these leeches suck you dry!
You've got the heart of a lion!
You've got the strength to survive!
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Natalie Merchant - Wonder
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"Don't Get Down" by Hayden is a sweet song that cheers me up! Maybe you too.
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Not sure if it would totally fit your theme, but End of the Movie by Cake always lifts my spirits. It's really terribly bleak, but with the message that none of that matters and it's better to see how things play out.

Alternately there's Tougher Than It Is which says much the same but more cheerily.
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so much country music fits this bill! and they aren't what you'd think of as country, just in case you think it's all twangy dudes moaning about their ladies leaving them and taking their pickup trucks and dogs. these helped get me through the self-esteem vacuum of a vicious breakup:

dixie chicks- baby hold on (Hey, it might never be the same / We might never live those days gone by / But we can try)

lady antebellum- one day you will (But down the road the sun is shining / In every cloud there's a silver lining / Just keep holding on (just keep holding on) / And every heartache makes you stronger / But it won't be much longer / You'll find love, you'll find peace / And the you you're meant to be / I know right now that's not the way you feel /But one day you will)

sugarland- stand back up (Go ahead and take your best shot, / Let 'er rip, give it all you've got, / I'm laid out on the floor, but I've been here before, / I may stumble, yeah I might fall, / Only human aren't we all? / I might lose my way, but hear me when i say, / I will stand back up, / Youll know just the moment when ive have enough, / Sometimes im afraid, and i dont feel that tough, / But I'll stand back up)

rascal flatts- when the sand runs out (I'm gonna stop lookin' back and start movin' on / And learn how to face my fears / Love with all of my heart, make my mark / I wanna leave something here / Go out on a ledge, with out any net / That's what I'm gonna be about / Yeah I wanna be runnin' / When the sand runs out)

carrie underwood- lessons learned (And every tear that had to fall from my eyes, / Everyday I wondered how I'd get through the night, / Every change, life has thrown me, / I'm thankful, for every break in my heart, / I'm grateful, for every scar, / Some pages turned, / Some bridges burned, / But there were lessons learned.)

carrie underwood- wasted (Cuz I don't wanna spend my life jaded / Waiting to wake up one day and find / That I've let all these years go by / Wasted / Oh I don't wanna keep on wishing, missing / The still of the morning, the color of the night / I ain't spending no more time / Wasted)

listening to these again reminded me of how remarkably healing they were for me at the time. thank god for music!
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I made a whole playlist with just this intention. A few highlights:

Swim- Jack's Mannequin
Let it Be- The Beatles
It's Alright- Seal (Really, his whole Soul album)

and I ended with

I Get By (with a little help from my friends) The Beatles.

Hope some of these help!
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Eve 6 - At Least We're Dreaming

Usually does the trick for me.
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Groove Armada - My Friend
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This Year, The Mountain Goats (Lyrics: "I am gonna make it through this year if it kills me..." I listened to this a lot in grad school.)
Worries, Langhorne Slim
Worried Man Blues, Woody Guthrie
Maybe Trouble by Ray LaMontagne?

Wanna know what my secret shameful comforting song is? Don't Know Why by Norah Jones. It reminds me of rain and quiet and thought. My instant be-happy and laugh song is Car Song by Woody Guthrie.
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The Kinks "Better Things"
Minisnap: "New Broom"

Also - and I'm not sure it exactly fits the bill - The Clash's "Stay Free" is almost there, and always puts a little lump in my throat.
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Victoria Vox: C'est Noye always does it for me.
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Oh, and Whenever I See Your Grouchy Face! James Taylor singing to Oscar the Grouch. Man, that makes me happy.
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My favorite song for this is Cloudbusting by Kate Bush, specifically the chorus:

But every time it rains,
You're here in my head,
Like the sun coming out--
Ooh, I just know that something good is gonna happen.
And I don't know when,
But just saying it could even make it happen.

Sometimes I repeat to myself, "Just saying it could even make it happen."
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The Verve "Bittersweet Symphony." Preferably while driving. i don't know why, but it does it for me every time.
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Martin Grech - Open Heart Zoo.
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They Might Be Giants, "Climbing the Walls".
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better son/daughter is perfect for this, but really that entire album by rilo kiley will do it.
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I realized earlier today that I should just have my favorites list on standby for every. single. music. question. They all inspire me in so many ways!

Kiri Te Kanawa's version (the arrangement is just giving me goosebumps right now, as usual) of Climb Ev'ry Mountain

Jason Falkner's version of Both Sides Now -- there's some other version of his which begins with sort of "Yeehaw!" shout that is a titch better, but this is the gist.

Any version of Time After Time.
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'Gravity' by A Perfect Circle.

I'm surrendering to gravity and the unknown,
catch me, heal me, lift me back up to the sun,
I choose to live

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True Colors by Cyndi Lauper
Say (All I Need) by One Republic
Move Along by The All American Rejects
Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kmakawiwaole
Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey
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This isn't my favorite version, but Bob Marley's Every Little Thing's Gonna be All Right, which sometimes has different titles.
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A Piece of Sky by Barbara Streisand
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Kris Delmhorst - "Little Wings"

then I met a 747, then he knocked me right out of the sky
he landed down beside me, he looked me in the eye and said
I don't know why you even bother, I don't know why you even try
I don't know where you hope to get to, I don't know how you hope to fly on those little wings

now I don't want to be a jet airliner, I just want to be a little bird
I don't want to rip the skies wide open, I just want my song to be heard
and I don't want to be state of the art, I don't want to get there overnight
I just want to be part of all this beauty, want to be part of all this flight on little wings

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Willy Mason -- We Can Be Strong

T.I. and Rihanna -- Live Your Life (Yeah, I know. But seriously, give it a try; this song has a 100% success rate of putting a spring in my step...)

Sufjan Stevens -- Chicago

Semisonic -- Made To Last

Regina Spektor -- Somedays

Passion Pit -- Smile Upon Me

Nizlopi -- Wash Away

The Distillers -- I Am A Revenant
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stuck on an island has the right idea with Yo La Tengo; just about every record they've released in the last decade has had a few of these songs (especially Summer Sun). Examples: Tears Are in Your Eyes, Little Eyes, and Season of the Shark. Most of all, though, you ought to listen to their cover of Big Star's Take Care.

(Speaking of Big Star, I think also of the wonderfully sad Blue Moon.)
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"Don't Give Up" by Peter Gabriel featuring the aforementioned, and fabulous, Kate Bush. And nthing "This Year" by The Mountain Goats. The entire album The Sunset Tree, actually.
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Everybody Hurts by R.E.M.
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Ah, grad school. Here are a couple I wish I'd had back then:

Ron Sexsmith - All In Good Time (lyrics)
All in good time
All in good time
It said all in good time
The bad times will be gone
Michael Franti & Spearhead - Yes I Will (lyrics)
So stay strong, and sleep long when you need to
Let the mornin' take you right on through the day
And when you find you're at the end of the road
Just lift your head up
Spread your wings and fly away
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Been searching the past couple days for this song:
אח של סאלים - שוטי הנבואה, which for those who don't read hebrew (myself included, which is why it took so long to find), is an instrumental-ish song from Shotei_Hanevuah, (Fools of Prophecy).
This song always makes me feel pretty good.

My other 'go-to' song is the 311 tribute to 'the clash's' white man in hammersmith palais.
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Eddie and the hot rods - Do anything you wanna do.
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Hey Jude?
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Response by poster: These are awesome everyone I will try to let you know which ones I used if I get the time and organization working
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