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What are some good online resources aimed at junior high-age kids to find out about the environment/sustainability/etc. or "green" happenings in the Bay Area?

I'm compiling a handout for kids to take home after a week of camp to help them keep learning about the environment and taking advantage of outdoor opportunities near their homes (the kids come from all over the Bay Area, from San Rafael to Fremont to San Fran to Alameda, etc.)

I'd love to hear about sites that cover all different topics (wildlife, conservation, parks, food/agriculture/gardening, green jobs, pollution, restoration, green spaces and green belts...)

Also great would be sites that have up-to-date info about events, projects to get involved with, things to do or places to go in the Bay Area. For instance, is a good one I've found so far.
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The Edible Schoolyard has programs in a lot of East Bay schools. They may also have downloadable materials. Tilden Park (EB Parks systems, IIRC) also has classes and materials. I'd try their classroom / museum at the Little Farm. Finally, you might call Full Belly Farm and ask if they have recommendations. They run an excellent summer camp with a focus on sustainable organic farming, and they may know of some good resources and events for kids. They're up near Guinda (north of the Cache Creek Casino).
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