Help me fix my record player?
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I picked up my first record player (Rega P1) and the sound seems off, like it is being played in a large hall. Every album I play has them same, full bass feel, even when I turn off the subwoofer. What's going on?

All the records are new, I have it going through a pre-amp before hitting my receiver and I set the receiver to direct to just pass-through the signal. All my other inputs (all digital) sound normal. Is this just how vinyl sounds or am I doing something wrong here?
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Is your receiver using its own preamp on the phono input in addition to the external one you have? Phono preamps, even some internal ones, use the RIAA curve, which will boost your lows.

(If this is what you meant by 'set the receiver to direct', then please disregard.)

That's all that comes to mind immediately.
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Response by poster: The receiver does not have an internal preamp. By setting the receiver to direct, I believe it just doesn't do any equalizing.
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Best answer: If you have a phono preamp plugged into the phono input of your receiver, it's being doubly RIAA curve equalized, overboosting the bass. Plug the preamp into one of the other amps on the receiver. Also, if there's a MM/MC (moving magnet/moving coil) selector on the preamp, make sure it's set correctly for the cartridge you're using. Looks like the P1 is moving magnet.
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Er, one of the other inputs on the receiver.
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check your R and L inputs. could be reversed.
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Response by poster: Also, if there's a MM/MC (moving magnet/moving coil) selector on the preamp

Whoa! This was it! I just assumed that was an input switch (there are two inputs on the preamp). Wow it sounds really fantastic. Thanks.
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