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Any suggestions welcome for restaurants/venues in Montreal where I can plan a dinner event on a modest budget for 40-60 people.

I'm organizing the year-end formal for a group of volunteers in Montreal. The night will include dinner, cash bar or BYO, and space for dancing. Unfortunately ticket price must cover all costs and most of the volunteers are students, so I'm trying to keep the price down while still making it a special night. Any suggestions for restaurants/venues?
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Unfortunately, I don't have any suggestions myself, especially with respect to the room for dancing part. I wonder if the resto at La Sala Rosa (the downstairs part) could be rented out. For a list of restaurants with private rooms see this chowhound thread.
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If it winds up being closer to 40 than to 60, the Pèlerin Magellan (on Ontario near St-Denis, (514) 845-0909‎) has a great private room upstairs. They'll make a special menu for the group that should work with your price range. Great food.
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The dancing requirement makes it tough. One idea that springs to mind is Mythos, a Greek restaurant on Parc, which has room for dancing and can be rented out by groups. Their food is good not great, but they do take group reservations.
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Thanks for all the suggestions! We're probably going to end up at an art gallery by the water which has been very accommodating with our budget. Message me if you want to know the name/how it went.
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