Buy Or Rent a Home
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Should mid-sixties semi-retirees buy a condo or rent a house?

Similar questions on Mefi go back to 2008, so I'd like more input on the current buy or rent ratios in this ongoing volatile real estate market. I can't find an online buy/rent calculator that takes into account an all-cash home purchase. Probably stay put for 10 or fewer years. The numbers:

Buy a condo for $275,000 CASH with $500/mo. covering maintenance and real estate taxes. No mortgage.

OR: Rent a house for $1800 a month. All house maintenance and taxes covered in rent.

The cash is currently earning about 1.5% (UGH). It is not retirement money.

Tax bracket is 10%. Living off monthly social security of $2000 a month, plus another $3000 a month of freelance income, with just under a million in untouched retirement funds earning an abysmal 1.5%. Will probably start taking out 1-2% in the next three years.

Quality of life is about the same for both current rental and condo.
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The awesome New York Times rent/buy calculator will do just what you say. Put in a 100% down payment.

A rudimentary look suggests renting would be preferable.
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This calculator suggests you'd be ahead by about $160,000 on the buy scenario if your investments continue to moulder at 1.5%. You'd have to be making better than 8% interest on your investments before the rent scenario makes sense over a 10-year time frame.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the information. I did try out both calculators, which ask for slightly different input. The Times calculator says to rent into infinity. The other one says to buy. Go figger.
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Won't rent go up eventually?
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Response by poster: Yes it will, but we've got two years on a new lease at the old rent. (By the same token, real estate isn't going up much anytime soon.) What I can't figure out is why one says we lose $160,000 if we rent, and the NY Times calculator says it's better to rent going out from now, to ten years, to thirty years.
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