How to you pack a wig for travel?
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How to you pack a wig for travel?

I have a long curly synthetic wig I need to pack in my suitcase for travel and I'm wondering if anyone knows the best way to store it to preserve the curls and keep it from getting too deformed.

Should I fold it? Roll it? Respiral the curls individually and pin them up? Place it in a bag or a box?
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The usual way is a styrofoam head form and wig tote box.
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If the tote box isn't practical, you could respiral the curls and pin them up, then stuff the "body" of the wig with some soft garments you'd be packing anyway - socks, t-shirts, etc. Then if you have a soft cloth or net bag, you could put it into that so it won't catch on anything.
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My family has owned a chain of wig shops for 20 years. I would suggest you put the wig first in a hairnet to keep the curls in shape (a cheap drugstore one would work fine). Then, get a small box (if you don't have the box the wig came in, a small shoebox would work fine). Fold the wig gently into the shoebox (Don't stuff it.) When you arrive at your destination, take the wig out immediately and put it on a styrofoam wig head. You should be able to purchase one of these at any wig shop for less than $5.
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There are travel (collapsible) wig stands you can get if the Styrofoam head is too bulky. It won't do you any good while traveling but will work fine once you get to your destination.
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