A Nice Place to Stay on Old Cape Cod?
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Cape Cod Hivers! I need your help! Can anyone recommend a really nice hotel ("three or four star" type places) in the Dennisport/Yarmouth area?

I have tried the hotel review websites and it seems that for every stellar review a hotel might get, there is also a review from Hell!

We're going to be going off season (last week of September). I will be taking my elderly mother (age 82) for a short vacation and any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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I like Dennis because it's the only town in the Mid-Cape where you can get access to both bay & ocean beaches.

That said, are you sold on Yarmouth/Dennis? One of the most famous "really nice" hotels in the Mid-Cape area is the Chatham Bars Inn. It's not Dennis/Yarmouth, but separated by Harwich, Chatham isn't a far drive away. Plus it's relatively compact downtown might be a good bet for senior visitors.

If you need Dennis, though, and you don't get good recommendations here on AskMe, drop me an email, and I'll ask my Mom for you. She knows Dennisport far better than I do.
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Response by poster: Hi Kobayashi

Thanks for the information! Dennisport has sentimental value to my family, so I'd prefer that we stay in that area. I'll see who else chimes in. Thanks again!
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