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My Playstation 3 is NTSC and If I purchased FFXIII in PAL version. I know for sure it will work in my Game console.

In future, if SquareEnix released ad-ons for FFXIII in my NTSC Playstation Store. Will it work with FFXIII PAL version?
Thanks a lot!
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Best answer: I know for sure almost any region PS3 game will work in any PS3 as long as you're hooked to a HD set, but the Store is region locked. The only way you'd be able to get any potential addons for the PAL print is if you had a PSN account in a PAL region.
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Best answer: Creating a PAL region PSN account is easy enough, but if you actually want to buy things off of there, you'll either need a credit card with an address in that region or you'll need to buy a points card from that region. There was a loophole for a while that allowed people in the US to buy Hong Kong points and then use those in the Japanese store, but I'm not sure what your situation is.
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i read on a japanese gaming site that squeenix has already dismissed add-ons for ff13? they said "the story is done" or something to that effect, that they don't have anything else to add. and there's like the 20 other ff13 games coming out. there are rumours for add-ons to the 360 version but that's US only.
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