Need help with the tech specs
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Will part A fit into slot B?

Building my first PC.

Will this video card work with this motherboard? My Googling isn't helping.
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Best answer: Yes, PCI express 2.0 video card, motherboard with PCI express 2.0 socket. A meet B.
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Response by poster: So I am correct in assuming DDR5 on a videocard has nothing to do with DDR2 on the motherboard, yes?
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Best answer: That's correct. Video cards have their own dedicated memory (at least discrete cards do, some integrated graphics chips will use system memory) that is unrelated to the RAM used for the rest of the system.
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Make sure you take advantage of any 'combo' deals newegg is offering!
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Mod note: A few comments deleted. Sorry for the confusion, but please don't piggy-back on other folks' questions.
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