Minneapolis / St. Paul crepes
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Does anyone know of a good (pref. non hoity toity) restaurant in the Twin Cities for crepes? (desert preferred, savoy is ok)
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There's a stand by Tucci Benucc in the Mall of America, or was the last time I went. Definitely not hoity toity, and the crepes are OK.
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Yeah, oddly enough the first thing that came to mind for me too was the MoA crepe shop.
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obento-ya (japanese) in minneapolis has some pretty tasty dessert crepes.
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I'm not sure how "good" of a restaurant you want, but IHOP does desert crepes.
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Obento-ya's crepes are awesome! Definitely nontraditional though.

Does French Meadow do crepes?
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la belle crepe downtown on Nicollet.

please do not resort of the MoA.
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The Original Pancake House in Edina, in the strip mall just south of the Galleria has awesome cherry crepes.
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la belle crepe sounds like what I'm looking for, thanks.

(by hoity toity I meant something like a fancy French Restaurant which may well serve kick ass crepes but also would come with dress code, diner expectations etc)

As for the MOA, I thank youse for the suggestion, but frankly the next time I go there will be in chains and shackles. (kinda strange they have a crepe cart there though)
posted by edgeways at 11:32 PM on March 8, 2010

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