How can I find out what my great-aunt's will says?
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How can I find out what my great-aunt's will says?

My great aunt died recently. Her last living relatives were her two nieces; one of them is my mom. The other niece won't talk to me or my mother. I think the aunt left everything to the other niece, but I would like to read the will to make sure. How can I find out what her will says? She was a resident of North Carolina.
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IANAL. But you should be able to contact the probate court in the county where she lived/died to find out who the executor of her estate is. Hopefully it's not your mom's cousin. The executor should be able to tell you if you and/or your mom were mentioned in the will. If you can't get the executor to tell you, or if the will itself is not on file with the county, then hire a local lawyer to get to the bottom of it.
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A will is a public document and can be requested for examination at the court where it was probated.

For North Carolina in particular, you want the Superior Court.
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Superior Court Probate's Office in that county.
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