Seeking left-wing periodicals from Puerto Rico
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I'm looking for print periodicals (magazines, newspapers, academic journals) from Puerto Rico (or, less preferably, published in the US but concerning exclusively Puerto Rico) that represent the island's left-wing, pro-independence movements.

I'm aware of Claridad, and am specifically looking for something published on a less-than-weekly basis. And again, I'm only looking for publications that are from the greater Leftist spectrum of social movements, workers' rights, feminist, environmentalist, anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, anti-Fortuño, et cetera. It need not necessarily be hard-line leftist; center-left/progressive rags will be considered as well. Most likely Spanish-language (obviously). This may be a stretch, but any help is appreciated.
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If you add a "puertorico" tag to your post, you might catch the attention of some Puerto Rican mefites.

I have a friend living in Puerto Rico. I'll send him an email and report back here if he has any suggestions.
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You could contact someone at Taller Puertorriqueño in Philly, they have "an extensive assortment of Latino literature, scholarly periodicals and reference material from throughout the Americas and Caribbean" and as an organization have a waaaaaaay left lean.
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Oh, my tags must have gotten lost while editing/previewing my post. I'll totally try Taller Puertorriqueño too, thanks!
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I know someone who might have some information on that, he is active in those circles. I'll email him when I get home tonight and see if he has any suggestions for you. I personally don't know of a lot of other publications in that vein aside from Claridad, but he might.
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I heard back from my friend and he only know of Claridad, which you already mentioned. But, have you tried contacting someone at the official website of the Puerto Rican Independence Party?
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I know next to nothing about Puerto Rico, but I check out the site nodo50 from time to time for news of anarchist communist comrades in Venezuela - the site is a portal covering the Latin American libertarian left AFAICT (my Spanish is also rubbish to non-existent so don't take my word on that). Anyway, here's their page for Puerto Rico; checked out some of the links, several of which seem dead now as the most recent update was a while back, but some still alive and linking to what look like left groups in Puerto Rico, e.g., though again my very limited Spanish means I may have this round my neck.
A site search also brought up pages like this which links to this women's rights group/anti-domestic violence group. Bet there'll be a lot more if you dig around - my sense is that nodo50 is a bit like the Black Flag server, open to a fairly eclectic mix of groups and not arranged in an overall structure.
Realise this is all leading to web links not journals but might be an avenue to further exploration.
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