Can I use my gift card from 2007 in Oregon?
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I'm confused about the Oregon gift card law.

Two summers ago, a new law passed in Oregon regarding gift cards. I thought the new law stated that gift cards could no longer expire, as they are basically cash. But the Oregon DOJ site may be telling me otherwise?

The point of this: I have a $50 gift card to a store in Portland that I received in 2007. It says 'expires in 2007' on the card. In light of the new law, is it still valid?

Thanks Hive.
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The card expired before the new law went into effect. It's worthless.
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Right, according to the law, it may be worthless - but the retailer may still honor all or part of the card's value. It would be helpful to present yourself in person, during a slow time (Wednesday morning?) and ask to speak to a manager. You can explain the situation, and ask if they would still honor all or part of the card.

Lay the framework for them to help, but don't be pushy or grumpy, and accept things as they are if it doesn't work out. An expiration printed on the card is pretty darn explicit.

Thriftway (in garden home) once honored a $25 gift certificate that had expired two years prior. I explained that I had lost it in a move, and had just found it during another move. No problem, smiles all around.
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