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I need to find a replacement shade for my chandelier. Difficulty -- it seems to not be any of the normal types of shades. With Shade/Without Shade

It doesn't clip to the light bulb or screw into the chandelier itself. It just sits on those 3 prongs. I believe the bottom diameter is about 6" and it's about 5" high. You can't see in the pictures, but the top is closed off with the same glass (it's all one piece) except for a small hole in the middle.

The bathroom in my last apartment was the exact same style (except not a chandelier, obviously), so I figured it'd be easy to find a replacement. However, I've had no luck finding something that even fits the same way, much less that particular shade.

So -- any idea where I can find these? Or even what they're called? I've looked on LampsPlus and various other lighting sites with no luck.
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You might send these guys an email.
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Rejuvenation Hardware sells lots of lamps and shades from various eras of American design. They might have something that big box-type places don't carry which would suit your fixture.
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