I saw a werewolf with a Cad'lac keyring in his hand...
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Help me ID this story/author: I've been listening to a little more Warren Zevon than usual lately, and this has tickled a vague recollection of a novella or short story (possibly from an anthology) about a white-collar werewolf working as a repo man or debt collector, driving a big ol' (green?) Cadillac.

I've googled about a bit, but I've come up with nothing that sounds quite like a match. The story has got to be at least 15 years old, and I have this idea that the main character's identity as a werewolf was maybe an analogy for a high-functioning secret alcoholic (in that he has this problem, but he tries not to let it define who he is). The only other detail I remember is the main character getting burnt because someone laid out the good silver for dinner.

I'm pretty sure that my brain isn't just superimposing Zevon and Springsteen songs over episodes of 'Being Human', so can any genre fans point me in the right direction?
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Best answer: George R. R. Martin's novella "The Skin Trade?"
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Response by poster: I think you've nailed it, infinitewindow - thanks! I couldn't remember any of the plot - just the background details, which doesn't help too well when searching.
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