Where's some good, convenient pizza in Astoria?
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Where's some good pizza in Astoria, and what streets nearby have the easiest parking?

In a couple weeks I'll be heading to New Jersey with my family. We'll land at JFK and meet up with my sister, who'll be down from Vermont, and from there we'll head to NJ in two cars.

We'd like to stop for pizza on the way through the city. I'm comfortable getting around (lived there for 6 years), but since my sister isn't familiar with the city, and we'll be in two cars, I want to keep the route simple, and hopefully stop somewhere where the street parking isn't too crazy.

Our best route to NJ is Van Wyck, Grand Central Parkway, Triboro, FDR, GWB. Astoria would be an easy place to stop, but I don't know it that well, so I ask you:

1. Where's the best pizza in Astoria (must be open late)?
2. Which streets/blocks/etc. will have the easiest street parking on a Friday night around 10:00?

(Will also consider other Queens neighborhoods convenient to that route.)

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This may not be convenient because it's south-eastern Astoria, almost Sunnyside/Woodside, but it's good pizza. Gino's of Broadway - I used to live around the corner and ate there far more often than I probably should have. And I bet you could park at the Rite-Aid down the street at 47th and Broadway.
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Micheal Angelo's on 23d Ave, near 29th St, has some pretty amazing pizza. There's parking on the side streets -- may take a little hunting to find it.
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I 2nd Micheal Angelo's.

Parking isn't pretty around that area but there's a Staples with a parking lot in 31st -- between Astoria Blvd and 23rd Street. You'll be passing it on your right when you take the exit from the GCP -- last exit before Triboro.

I'd suggest you park the convoy there. Send in a few folks to browse Staples and take a friend to pick up the pies from Michael Angelo's.

Or there's a parking lot further past staples on the left -- a part of a complex with a doctors office and a bakery and a chemist. Again park here -- send someone in for pastry and go pick up pies.

I've totally spaced out on the name of this bakery but it is very good, fairly famous, and they sell super tasty cheese wheels and spinach wheels (like a spinach pie).

I lived as 23rd & 29th for quite a while. The parking is a challenge.

Mail me if you need more.
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Best answer: Rizzo's, on Steinway Street. There's a municipal parking lot on Steinway between 30th and 31st Ave; not sure of the rules of parking in it, but I would think it would have openings.
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Best answer: Seconding Rizzo's. The folks there are really nice, to boot.
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You can do better than the Astoria options without veering far off your route.

I come here offering two suggestions. The Rosa's on 69th in Maspeth is just a hop and a skip off the LIE service road, then you don't even get off the service road to get on the BQE Northbound (only this Rosa's is good)

If you are unable to veer off your Van Wyck, GCP path then Nick's on Ascan in Forest Hills is also quite good. Nick's is also nice to sit down at.

Rosa has seats and its clean and everything, but Nick's is nicer. Rosa's is easier to get to.
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My Astoria buddies and I swear by Sac's Place (brick oven, coal, &c., &c.), on Broadway at 29th Street. Open till midnight on Friday nights. Heck, we might join you if you memail me!

I imagine parking on one of the side streets nearby is feasible, like 29th St. between Broadway and 34th Ave., but since I don't have a car I haven't had much reason to check. There's a supermarket (C-Town) diagonally across the street from Sac's so perhaps you could park there.

Sac's also has a by-the-slice/to-go counter just to the left of the main restaurant entrance, in case you're in a hurry.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! I'm leaning toward Rizzo's, but I'll keep the rest in mind, too.
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You might also pose your question on www.astorians.com

They'll know about parking
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