Booted from the Air Force?
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Will the Air Force really kick him out for a failed physical fitness test?

My boyfriend, who has nearly 10 years in the AF, failed his last PFT and had 45 days to get everything in line. he has to lose some weight, and a bunch of other stuff. he is convinced that if he fails he will be booted because he has failed PFTs in the past (although in recent history has passed all of them, until this one).

i'm new to the whole situation - he's had false alarms before, because he's naturally an anxious guy.

will they really kick him out for this?? he has an awesome record otherwise and is considered a super valuable sgt...
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You might discuss the following with him:
- Air Force Instruction 36-3208 (pdf; page 99), Ch. 5, "Reasons for Involuntary Separation", Section 5K, "Failure in the Fitness Program"
- Air Force Instruction 36-2905, effective July 1, 2010 (pdf; page 35), Ch. 9, "Administrative and Personnel Actions"
- FAQ about the new fitness program.
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Yes, you will be administratively separated from your service of choice if you fail physical fitness tests. For instance, in the Navy, if you fail three times in a four year period, you are processed for separation. Getting a waiver for such failures does happen, but is exceedingly rare, especially in these days of overmanning in the AF and Navy.

If your boyfriend is failing due to body composition standards, there's not much he can do unless he's right on the fence. His command should have someone that runs the physical fitness program that can help him lose weight if that's the issue.
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Yes, they will really kick him out. Please encourage him to do the best he can to get in line with their requirements.
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My brother-in-law was kicked out of the army after 15 years for failing physical fitness tests, and not losing enough weigh.
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absolutely yes - my unit is administratively separating (navy) someone now, and I have friends in the AF who are worried about it.
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