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I need help for a two week rental of a furnished room for a couple near Shimbashi station or Akihabara in Tokyo. Rental budget is 60000~100000yen for us combined. I've looked at the gaijin guest house links, but they seem to be out of our price range with linen and cleaning fees. Any advice?
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When are you looking to stay?
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I can't vouch for this place, but the rate goes down to 6500/night for 14 nights, which is inside your budget (looks like they have a coin-op laundry): http://www.wmt-tokyo.com/asakusa/index.html

That said, I've stayed in decent hotels in central Tokyo for (a bit) less than that - so if you were only considering room rental as a cheap alternative you may want to do some searches on Kayak.
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Oops, somehow Akihabara turned into Asakusa in my mind - sorry. Same thoughts apply though.
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Response by poster: In reply to armage, I'm looking to gain easy access to Electric Town or Tokyo Big Sight.
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I mean, are you looking to come in March, April, May, etc? The reason I ask is because there's a huge amount of churn in short-term housing in March and April due to students and newly-hired employees coming and going, so depending on your dates it might be easier or harder to find a place.
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Response by poster: Eek, sorry for misreading. I am traveling in August from the 10th to the 19th; the height of Obon, peak travel.
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Hmm, well, there's still plenty of time to plan, and most people are *leaving* Tokyo during Obon, so it shouldn't be an issue.

This Weekly Mansion in Ueno seems reasonable (7,300 a night for a 7+ night stay), as does this one in Nihombashi. Nothing convenient in Akihabara or Shimbashi, per se, but you'd be on or close to the Keihin-Tohoku Line, which allow you to get to Odaiba via a single transfer. Shinagawa is also reasonably convenient to both areas and is a large transfer point in its own right, making getting around other parts of Tokyo easy.

This weekly mansion is in Asakusabashi, one stop east of Akihabara, but the site is entirely in Japanese. Here's a translation via a third party site.
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