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Is there a commodity futures/options price RSS feed?

I want to automate some trade decisions (commodity futures/options) as much as possible so I'm looking for two things:

1) One or more RSS feeds of end-of-day futures/options prices. If I have to sift through numerous daily updates to get the end-of-day data I can live with that. If I have to handle feeds from different markets, also OK.

2) Historical price data that I can load into my own database. This used to be sold on CD years ago but where should I go these days?

Free is nice but I understand I may have to pay.
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Best answer: Probably, RSS is not a good search query. A google for 'commodity price XML feed' comes up with this site, and this site with published WSDL. I can't recommend any particular ones though, as I've never used any of em.
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You could start out by talking to the exchanges, about getting historical price data. CME definitely sells their tick data directly. There are almost certainly other sources, but I would start with the exchanges.
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