favorite craft and sewing blogs?
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What are your favorite craft and sewing blogs? Thanks!
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The Purl Bee is my personal favorite. The Moda Bake shop is a great one for quilting projects.
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Whip Up is sort of a meta craft website

The Sew Mama Sew blog is great for finding crafty tutorials and free patterns, especially the Handmade Holidays lists.

I'm personally more interested in sewing clothing than crafts. These are my two favorites sewing blogs right now:

Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing Follow along as she works her way through a mid-century Vogue sewing book and be jealous of her mad skills.

Male Pattern Boldness which is a fun read and unique, as you don't see a lot of male home sewer bloggers out there. I love his enthusiasm.

The pattern reviews on Sewing Pattern Review are a useful resource.

You can download and print sewing patterns from Burdastyle. Some of them are free!
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Also, the Friends of the Purl Bee page has links to dozens of good quality craft and fabric blogs.
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It's almost certainly not what you're thinking of when you say craft, but CNC Cookbook.
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One Pretty Thing is a great source for projects, and for discovering new crafting blogs as well.
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A few I find reliably intriguing (in addition to several of the above & a whole lot of scattershot):

Don't Eat the Paste
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knitting (in no particular order, except for Ravelry, which has become the queen of knitting and crochet - even though it's not a blog):

Yarn Harlot
Sheri at The Loopy Ewe
the blue blog
The Panopticon
Persistent Illusion
Grumperina goes to local yarn shops and Home Depot
Wendy Knits
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Wait, did no one mention Brooklyn Tweed?
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Disclaimer: I'm a sewing writer/publisher and have collaborated with, may be mentioned by, linked to, or have otherwise professionally engaged with the following folks. Still, these are pretty great resources for ambitious sewers:

MADE BY HAND; The best blog I've seen on actually doing (rather than admiring) professional, mostly men's tailoring, filled with great info any home sewer could benefit from.

Cutter&Tailor; A great forum on similar topics.

Off the Cuff; A dressmaker specializing in inventive men's shirts.

The Sewing Divas.

Marcy Tilton; a Vogue Pattern designer, innovative sewer and accomplished surface designer; not a blogger but has a useful, frequent newsletter. Lots of interesting fabrics for sale.
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A nice new discovery: ikatbag
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