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lady songs by ladies.... en francais?

i REALLY loved yesterday's lady songs by ladies post- all that stuff is right up my alley. i already am a fan of about 80% of the recs but discovered 20% new fantastic music!

my question, then, is can you recommend me the same kind of music- only sung in french? i'm in the midst of an extreme struggle of trying to gain verbal fluency in french and part of that is listening to a lot of french music (aided by recommendations on some wonderful previous french music posts here!)

however, i'm finding a lot of them a bit lacking in this kind of music that i like- women with soft, beautiful voices and gently lush acoustic accompaniment

i am already aware of, adore, and am looking for more in the vein of-
carla bruni
madeleine peyroux
coeur de pirate
patricia kaas
julie doiron

and i love the blog fille sourire

merci beaucoup metafilter!
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Edith Piaf might fit your criteria.
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Response by poster: oh, i love edith too! i turn on "je ne regrette rien" whenever i'm stressed out beyond acceptable levels, and sing along loudly.. though she's not as acoustic, and i'm looking for more modern music
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France Gall. 1965 Eurovision appearance (SLYT).
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The 'Oh-la-la – Franco à gogo' podcast of retro French music has lots of what you're looking for, and a few episodes that are lady-only.
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France Gall. 1965 Eurovision appearance (SLYT).

Also, Laisse tomber les filles.
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This song isn't in French(caution youtube), but lots of Soko's songs ARE. Me personally, I flippin love this song.
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Francoiz Breut might fit the bill. I also really like Melanie Pain.
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Barbara (or maybe this one.) (And no, I do not mean Streisand.)

I enjoy Charlotte Marin although my French isn't near good enough to fully understand her.

Anais is a little more rock-ish but might fit the bill.

Maybe Emily Loizeau
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Oh, and you might like Nouvelle Vague who do mostly-acoustic slowed down covers of 80s punk & new wave hits. Usually with female vocals, in heavily accented English. (link is to a performance of "Love Will Tear Us Apart")
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I learned a lot a French (a long time ago) listening to Françoise Hardy. Some of her early songs are very beautiful. You could try Mon Ami La Rose.
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Complainte de la Butte - Rufus Wainwright (I know he's not a lady! But the song fits all the rest of my criteria from the other post.)
Rebel Prince - Rufus Wainwright (second half is French)
Age des Tenebres - Rufus again
La valse du maître draveur - Kate and Anna McGarrigle (Rufus Wainwright's mom & aunt)
Tout Doucement - Feist or Blossom Dearie
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I'm repeating myself a bit from other posts, but here are a few of my favorites:

Emily Loizeau
Pauline Croze
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Ariane Moffatt rocks. Jorane (a singer/cellist) is also quite good. Both might be a little harder than what you are looking for, but are quite melodic. I think that both have more music on their myspace pages and on youtube. I discovered both of them and France Gall when I was learning French myself, and they all helped me out a lot.

There's also the Feist song from the Paris, Je T'aime soundtrack called "La même histoire" that has a (roughly translated) English version called "We're all in the Dance."

You could also listen to the Stars song "Sad Robot" (off the Sad Robot EP) and critique the French in it. :)
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Maybe too much of an electronic vibe for you, but try Émilie Simon. I have her self-titled debut, and I really like it. She produces her own stuff and uses a mix of acoustic instrumentation and found/electronic sound in really interesting, beautiful ways. One of my favorite songs is Le Vieil Amant. (Just so you know, she does sing some songs in English.)
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Oh, and a few songs by Keren Ann (link to her site, which uses Flash) might be of interest to you, too.
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You could try out Les Chauds Lapins. They're a duo who perform French songs of the 1920s-40s, plus some originals. Mostly with ukulele accompaniment. I saw them live recently, they were great.
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I highly recommend Marie-Pierre Arthur's self-titled album. She is a current French-Canadian singer-songwriter in her 20s. Plays bass and sings, has a great voice. She's got some live performances on YouTube. The lyrics seem to be very clearly sung, though I don't know a bit of French so I have no idea what she's singing about.

If you like this performance of hers I think you would like her entire album: Marie-Pierre Arthur: Droit Devant
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Response by poster: LOVING these all!!! merci merci toujours!!
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Not acoustic, but Camille, Rue de Ménilmontant and Pour que l'amour me quitte are lovely. (Someone's home-made videos accompanying these YouTube links.)

And if you get sick of people singing sad songs about l'amour, have something a bit punchier from Anaïs: Mon cœur, mon amour. This one is acoustic, but you couldn't call it gentle. Especially not about soppy couples fawning over each other in public ("it makes me PUKE").
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Émilie Proulx is magnificent. Chloé St-Marie could be a good one too as her singing is quite clear (former actress) and she sometime uses famous poems. Marie-Jo Thério if you are feeling more adventurous (please check her version of the song ''Evangéline'').
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Fabienne Delsol.
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