Seeking reseach: only 3 of 1900's top companies still exist
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Hunting for report/ article: Of the top ten/ hundred US/ World companies in 1900, only three still exist today. Is such a report apocryphal, or if not, do you know where it is?
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It sounds like the article that is being quoted is based on research by ABN Amro and the London School of Economics studying investment returns since 1900.

Have a look here and here.
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I do remember it in the news cycle a few years ago, along with a bunch of articles questioning what "still exists" means in the context of mergers and acquisitions. I don't know where to find it though.
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Also in the context of antitrust breakup. I'm sure that Bell Telephone was one of the ten.
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Response by poster: Thaks Muffin Man - interesting reports but not quite what I was looking for ...
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Best answer: Wikipedia lists the original 12 components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average from when it was started in 1896. It says only GE remains in the DJIA under its own name. Some still operate under different names and/or as subsidiaries of other companies though.
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