Where are the best places to get steak and chips in London?
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Where are the best places to get steak and chips in London?

Mrs MM wants a steak and chips. I've been to a few places that do half decent steak and chips, including the Gaucho restaurants and Rowley's.

But does anyone else have any other recommendations? Especially tips for a really good, authentic steak frites and places that age their meat properly.
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If you like the Gaucho chain then check out Goodman in Mayfair. It's pretty pricey but apparently very very good steak.
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Best answer: By foodie blog consensus, the two best thought of steakhouses in London from what I've read (haven't been to either tho) are Hawksmoor and Goodman.

Both Goodman and Hawksmoor are NY style steakhouses. If you're keen on entrecote, not porterhouse, there's a branch of the French chain Le Relais de Venise on Marylebone Lane. You will sacrifice quality in favour of frenchiness, and pay a bit less.
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L'entrecote! Not really New York style, but my husband loves the meat they serve.
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Not so much steak frites, but the Argentinian place Constancia south of the river on Tower Bridge Road was meatily magnificent when I went last year.
Hawksmoor is good, but pricey.
Colleagues seem to like the top floor at Smiths of Smithfield, but I've not been and the rest of the place is a bit mediocre for the money.
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I can speak for Hawksmoor - only had it once, but it's a really, truly top-notch steak.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the feedback so far - really helpful.
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On a square mile tip only I'm afraid but you know Chez Gerard on Bishopsgate is not bad at all but MPW Steakhouse & Grille is top dog in my opinion.
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hawksmoor, easily. best steak i've had in london by a mile.

buen ayre on broadway market is also tasty. their steak is all flown in from argentina, which is a good thing. can't vouch for their chips - i've only ever eaten meat there, and that was enough.
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Sophie's on Fulham Road. It's a bit Chelsea, a bit celeb-y, but the food is amazing and reasonable, given the location. There's one in Covent Garden too, haven't eaten there but may be more convenient. Also the beef chop at the Quality Chop House is excellent, I am told.
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The Pope's Eye Steakhouse in Putney. Don't worry about the name - it's a steak cut, not a Unionist stronghold. Obligatory nom nom nom will follow shortly.

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Belgo, their frites are especially wonderful and they used to do a killer chateaubriand. I'd hope their other steaks are up to the quality of this much-missed slab of cow.

Canteen lovely thick chips, steak actually cooked as requested.
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