Drupal/OpenAtrium Installation Frustration
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How do you modify the install.php file for Open Atrium (which is basically Drupal) to run on your site? I can't find either string where you're supposed to enter your site account id/password or the URL.

Installing Open Atrium to my server account on Dreamhost. I can go to the install page on my site and have set up a MySQL database for it. However I've hit the point of needing to modify the install.php file to point to the database and my user ID/password for it. According to instructions, there should be two lines of code in the file I need to identify and then modify with my information:

$db_url = "mysql://username:password@localhost/database";

$base_url = "http://www.mywebsite.com";

However for the life of me, I cannot (after multiple read throughs) find either of these lines in the install.php file that I downloaded from Open Atrium's website. As it's supposed to be the same as the install.php file you'd use for Drupal, what am I missing here?!
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That line of code is in


which install.php writes to by default if it's readable.

If settings.php doesn't exists,

cp default.settings.php settings.php

And then modify it.
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If you're using the Drupal installer, you can also flip down the Advanced Options tab on the database setup page.

If you downloaded the tgz or zip download, you need to create that setting.php file that vautrin mentioned with the cp (copy) command.

I just installed it on Dreamhost to test it and the cp followed by using the advanced tab on the database page was all I needed outside the obvious parts of the installer.
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EXCELLENT! Thank you so much, this is the exact two pieces of information I needed to get it to install. I thought I had copied over the settings.php file, but when I checked in that directory it's not there.

So now I'm off to get my feet wet, although the latest release on their site is now advising an upgrade to 6.16!
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