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What other songs and artists fit my overly-specific criteria? Briefly: female vocalist; sweet, soothing voice; singing quietly and backed by lush acoustic instrumentation.

I love songs that sound like this:

Female vocalist with a sweet, natural voice and a very smooth vocal texture- not too cracky or waily or ghostly
Singing close to the microphone so she sounds very intimate, almost like she's talking (natural rather than deliberately ethereal)
Mostly acoustic instrumentation. Strings and horns would be a bonus.
Minimal use of drums, and in particular I don't really like treble "tss-tss-tss" type drums, like prominent high-hat cymbals or snare.
The song itself doesn't need to be a lullabye-type song, but I do like lullabye-type voices.

Some examples:

Feist: 1-2-3-4; Hold Your Horses: Flo's Folks; Sophie Madeleine: The Stars; Eliza-Jane Scott: Stay/Sway, and some stuff by Blossom Dearie, Norah Jones, Jolie Holland, Ani DiFranco (but only when she croons- not when she belts!)

Who else will I like?
Links to YouTube and downloadable MP3s appreciated- thanks!
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How about Yael Naim - new soul?
posted by amethysts at 12:36 PM on March 4, 2010

Lisa Germano maybe? Give a listen.
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"The Winner Takes it All" by Abba. Very personal, in my opinion.
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Have you heard any Jenny Lewis? Not quite what you're looking for, but I think she's great.
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Claire Denamur, In The Mood For L'Amour (you know, the deodorant commercial).
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Try Chantal Kreviazuk
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Noa - Blue Touches Blue
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Lisa Hannigan's 'Sea Sew' album is pretty close to what you describe and very good. A few of the songs I found on youtube did have that drum thing going on, but others, like Lillle were right on target.
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A Fine Frenzy? Here's one of my favorites - The Minnow and the Trout.
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Cat Power and Neco Case come to mind, but there is some variability in their tunes.

Check out some soul music. Although I despise the term, Blue-eyed soul (literally soul music sung by white people) has some great songs in the genre.
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I'll bet you'd like Pomplamoose. Probably Camera Obscura. There's Amy Milan, who also sings in Stars. In a jazzier vein, there's Madeleine Peyroux.
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Neko Case - Fox Confessor Brings the Flood
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The Innocence Mission?
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Well, seconding nomisxid, then.
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First thing that came to my mind was Alison Krauss.
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A few more possibilities off the top of my head: Laura Veirs, Alela Diane, Dawn Landes, Mariee Sioux, Marissa Nadler, Orion Rigel Dommisse, Sharon van Etten, Stephanie Dosen, or maybe Hem. You'll have to find your own links though...
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The Aurgasm weblog seems to concentrate fairly heavily on this kind of thing.
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I really like Azure Ray and I think they fit your criteria pretty much to a T (they are a little on the "sad bastard" side, but that's how I roll.)
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I was listening to A Fine Frenzy when I read this question. I would also suggest "Hera".
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Susan Enan. Hem. If you want a great voice with spare but rich guitar accompaniment, Catherine MacLellan.
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Some of Maria Mena's stuff would definitely fit your criteria.
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Judee Sill
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If you want to go a little old school, may I suggest Astrud Gilberto?
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Lisa Ekdahl when backed by the Peter Nordahl Trio.
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Regina Spektor's "On the Radio" comes to mind.
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Blue Roses, Moments Before Sleep. Just lovely.

Some Joanna Newsom tracks? On A Good Day and Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie especially.
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In no particular order: Lily Frost, Erin McKeown, Edie Carey, Bic Runga, Azure Ray (or the solo work of either of the band's two members, Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink), The Nields, Ida, Emily Haines (her solo work is very different from her work with Metric), Sarah Polley, Dar Williams, Jonatha Brooke, L'Altra, Over the Rhine, Rachel's, Rosie Thomas...

(I could go on. I might later, when I actually have my itunes library in front of me. Are you me? Actually, I'm not as sensitive to the drums thing, so some of these may not float your boat, but I'm definitely with you on voices.)
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Bishop Allen - Butterfly Nets
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Anything by Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson, Sara Bareilles.

A lot of stuff by Kate Nash.
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Nina Nastasia
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The Mamas and the Papas - Dream a Little Dream of Me, maybe? That one does pick up a bit after the first verse.
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Sheryl Crow with Sting: I was always on your side; she also does a beautiful lullaby for her son; Celine Dion sang lullabies for her son as well. Sorry can't link- on smart phone.
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Laura Cantrell?
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Pretty much anything by Josephine Foster; maybe start with The Siren's Admonition.
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Taken by Trees, especially Greyest Love of All (ignore the weird motorbike footage!)
Dirty Projectors, Two Doves (though this might be a little too ethereal?)
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I second the Mazzy Star/Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions recommendations; you might prefer the latter.

Check out The Sundays! Harriet Wheeler's voice is, like, the definition of ethereal. Their second album, Blind, is my favorite because it's just so dreamy. Sigh.
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Tierney Sutton singing the jazz classic, "Never Let Me Go" is very acoustic sounding; I think it's all piano and drum (which might be against the one of the parameters in your post). It has a very intimate, "piano lounge" feel.

You can hear the entire track here and download it from Amazon here.
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Christina Rosenvinge's Frozen Pool album, particularly the opener "Hunter's Lullaby" (you can listen to 30 seconds of it on the Amazon page).
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Cowboy Junkies. Especially their albums Slow, Sad Waltzes, Black Eyed Man, and The Trinity Session (which was recorded in a church, to give you an idea of the feel they were going for. ) And many of their covers are awesome. Faves are Sweet Jane, My Father's House, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry. Also seconding Camera Obscura and some Cat Power (I love her song The Greatest) sorry I don't have time to link, I'm sure many of these are on YouTube. I'd also add Broadcast for the vocals, but they tend to be heavy on the percussion, although you might be pleasantly surprised, they have a unique sound.
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Almost forgot, BETH GIBBONS. Sounds like exactly what you want. I even found a link.
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Utada Hikaru First Love...check it out on You Tube
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Oooh, I know the answer to this one: You absolutely want to hear Colour Green by Sibylle Baier -- a lovely album from 1970 that's only now starting to get its due.
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A youtube link for the lead track from Sibylle Baier's album.
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Bic Runga - Sway
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Laura Nyro
Marina V.
Heather Duby
k.d. lang
This Mortal Coil
Cocteau Twins
Faun Fables
Miranda Sex Garden
One Dove
Fiona Apple
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Edith Frost is wonderful. Oddly, there's not much of her on Youtube, but here's a demo version of "Temporary Loan" to get you started. As her albums go, I highly recommend Wonder Wonder.

You can also download some free rarities and demos from her website.
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I love Vienna Teng for this type of stuff.
Try Eric's Song or Recessional.
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Shivaree "New Casablanca"
The Cardigans "And Then You Kissed Me"
The Good Life "Inmates"
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St. Vincent.
Two Doves Dirty Projectors.
Melody Day Caribou.
Yellowcake Kaki King
Islands The XX (has both male and female vocalists, but is excellent nonetheless).
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Nouvelle Vague
Suzanne Vega
Emily Haines
And why not
Billie Holiday
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A couple of my favorites who haven't been mentioned yet:

Kris Delmhorst. She performs in a variety of tempos/styles, but is mostly acoustic with a nice number of ballads/down-tempo songs. There's a whole bunch of full, streamable songs from her page. Some of the ones I'd recommend trying first, based on your list: "Sea Fever" (the music is mostly acoustic -- she also plays cello in the track -- and it's set to the John Masefield poem!), and "Hummingbird." "Juice and June" is one of the free mp3s available at her official site (linked in the tracklist of the album page for Songs for a Hurricane). And speaking of lullabies, she has one herself -- it's called "Lullaby 101." I'll stop now before I start listing a dozen more of her songs...

Keren Ann (link goes to her official site with clips of many, if not all, songs) has a bunch of recordings that might fit the bill, particularly her quiet, almost-speaking voice and mostly acoustic accompaniment. There are some gorgeous strings/horns/other orchestral instrument arrangements, too. Check out "Not Going Anywhere" and "Seventeen" for two examples -- I'd say "Seventeen" has the "lush acoustic instrumentation" thing down.

Also, seconding Rosie Thomas. You can download three full songs for free from her page at Sub Pop (her record label)...of these three songs, "2 Dollar Shoes" and "I Play Music" probably fit your criteria best, so definitely give them a listen.
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Let me add Laura Marling (Goodbye England (Covered in Snow), Devil's Spoke) and Keren Ann's Lady & Bird project (Blue Skies, Suicide is Painless)
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Meagan Smith covering Here Comes Your Man
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Seconding Mazzy Star. Maybe a little ghostly, but I think Hope Sandoval might be up your alley.
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Most everyone has posted the female artists I know of except:

Lucinda Williams - Sweet Old World (not the Car Wheels album).
Nancy Griffith - Very Blue moon album
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Thank you, Stars, by Katie Melua, maybe.
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These guys are friends of mine, so I'm biased, but I think some of their stuff will interest you: Rescue Bird. Try "Some Good" or "Montauk". Also, maybe this band Festival, beautiful harmonies.
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I love Stephanie Dosen. She's got the sweetest, warmest voice, and her songs make me feel happy and comfortable somehow. Try to get your hands on her first album Ghosts, Mice, and Vagabonds if you can. "Weak" was the single from that album and is about as percussive as it gets. "Blue Paper Lanterns" is one of the prettiest songs I've ever heard.
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JANN ARDEN. She's an extremely underrated Canadian artist who has been around for years. For a start, listen to Wishing That and Unloved.

You may want to check out the album she did with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (though that is not her usual style; she's normally acoustic).
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I posted about Ólöf Arnalds a month or so ago. Emiliana Torrini (Today Has Been Okay, Big Jumps).
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I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned Vashti Bunyan. When she sings, it's like she's whispering. One of my favorite song of hers is Diamond Day

She even has a lullaby song.
17 pink sugar elephants
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Carla Bruni! Very lovely soft french singer/guitarist.
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Julee Cruise
Nellie McKay, specifically her album Normal As Blueberry Pie
Madeleine Peyroux
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Surprised no Sarah McLachlan mentioned yet. Some but not all her stuff sounds right up your alley.

Ice Cream
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Oh my! I forgot Joan Armatrading!
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Missy Higgins.
Nina Simone.
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Vienna Teng?
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Emily Wells

In a cynical and deeply English vein: Black Box Recorder

Maybe Bat for Lashes, although that's perhaps a little lusher than what you're after

Cat Power, of course

El Perro Del Mar

And the Nouvelle Vauge series of cover records
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Ingrid Michaelson
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Julie Doiron.
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