A permalink should be permanent, right?
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How can I make my Wordpress post navigation link to a permalink, and not "page/2/"?

I recently redesigned my personal, Wordpress based blog site at http://www.sanspoint.com. I had the clever idea to have one post per update, and simple "older" and "newer" navigation to move between them. While it works, the links are screwy. Going from the article on the front page to the previous article takes you to http://www.sanspoint.com/page/2 - which is whatever article was posted previously.

I want these links to just go to the damn post permalink. Sadly, after scrounging through the Codex, I'm just lost. The code I think would work doesn't even display links at all!

This is my WordPress Loop, with the code for page navigation. I'm sure I'm overlooking something stupidly simple here. Can someone help?
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Argh. I figured it out myself. Turns out the tags that link to a permalink can't be used in index.php - so I had to do a query_posts() to get the previous page, and link it THAT way.

On the individual posts, it works.
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Your situation made me think of this article on pagination -- scroll down to the section at the end called "flip flop" -- the idea is that page numbers for paginated content stay fixed as new content is added, so that the paginated URLs become permalinks in their own right. No clue if WP even supports an idea like this, but I thought it might be interesting to think about.
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