What page does this scene in "Infinite Jest" take place on?
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Looking for the page number of a specific scene in "Infinite Jest"

I've just spent the last hour trying to find the page in "Infinite Jest" where the character Don Gately remembers a week in his childhood when his kitten Nimitz disappeared and their garbage disposal stopped working. Does anyone know what page this scene is on?
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Try checking here or here! Page 448 has a footnote for Nimitz. My book's inaccessible at the moment, so I can't double check.
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448 gets Nimitz introduced as "For a while in Beverly they had Nimitz the kitty.", but he doesn't meet his fate there.
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And thanks for making me waste another hour of my life on Bimmy Gately's messed up childhood.
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This would be a great application for the Kindle version of Infinite Jest. Aside from weighing several pounds less, being able to search the text would be awesome. Perhaps someone with it on Kindle will be around to help.
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Best answer: 1) go to amazon.com, seach for infinite jest
2) Click "search inside this book"
3) Type "nimitz and disposal" (no quotes)

Page 933.
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Response by poster: As usual, excellent job guys.
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