Book ID: creepy fungi & a girl who falls down a well
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Book ID: I'd say maybe 10-15 years ago, I read a book about creepy fungi and a girl falling down a well.

Here's what I remember... I read this book when I was fairly young, so it blew my mind and I can still visualize these scenes:

- It's set in a rural area.
- A little girl falls down a well, and talks to creepy sentient fungi that live underground and somehow she becomes part of them and/or evil/amoral. She knows things because the fungi communicate with her, telepathically.
- She has a sister that she torments.
- There's a scene where, as a teenager, she's touching herself in front of a window, because she knows there's a dude across the field watching her, because the fungi told her so.
- She may have ended up killing that dude.
- I think it may have been set in the 1980s, and Baby Jessica may have been mentioned at some point.


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Did the girl get the ability to communicate with the fungus after sleeping on a moldy mattress? I remember reading something in that vein around the same time.
posted by JV at 12:35 AM on March 4, 2010

Response by poster: I don't remember that, but maybe... it was a weird book. I'm really hoping it wasn't just a fever dream.
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I don't think it was a dream - I remember this book too and am really curious!
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Sounds a bit like The colour out of space by H.P. Lovecraft but that doesn't exactly line up with all of your details...
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Response by poster: No, not Lovecraft... and the girl was definitely the main character, maybe even the narrator.
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Was the fungus infecting all the other teenagers in town? I remember something like this but not the title!
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