Time is Ticking
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Is there a time tracking device (perhaps like a watch?) that I can use to keep track of my work time? I want to see how many hours/minutes i spend actually working each day.

It would have to start/stop and hopefully be able to add/subtract minutes (in case i go to lunch and mistakenly leave it running) although this isn't required.
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Plenty of these around. I've used paymo and it works fine.
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Are you talking about a stopwatch?
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I've used this to much success.

Though there are other new & improved packages out there, including ones that track your time on a per-program basis automatically tallying for you each day.
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Emacs. Seriously.
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Response by poster: to clarify, i'm looking for a device (instanced in the real physical world). a stop watch is a step in the right direction, but a little too bulky to wear all day, and perhaps a little too easy to accidentally erase your time.
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Best answer: Many wristwatches have chronograph functions, which basically means that they act as stopwatches as well. However, I haven't seen one that lets you add or subtract time.

Digital chronographs are quite inexpensive--a standard $35 Timex Ironman is an example. Analog ones run a little more, and for mechanicals, the sky's the limit.
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I use an old chess clock. Smack. On task. Smack. Off task.
(Works great for unexpected office visitors as well: "Just a sec." Smack. Smile. What can I do for you?)
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Best answer: nthing chronograph watches. It's pretty hard to accidentally reset the time on a good chronograph - you have to actually stop the stopwatch with one button, then reset the time with another button. Some digital chronos actually let you record splits (lap times).
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