Can you help identify this painting?
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Can you identify the artist of this painting (and where I can buy it) from the set of Cougartown?

I've searched all over and sifted through many pictures of paintings to no avail. Also tried contacting the set designer but haven't heard back. My wife really likes this painting and i'm trying to find it for her.
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Matthew Lew provided some of the artwork (not sure which). He mentions it on Facebook here. You can see more on his website. He does commission work, I notice. Although I don't see the same one on his website, I have a feeling he might be the one.

Joe Futschik did two of the prints. One is near the TV, and the other I don't know. He talks about it on his blog and shows a screen capture. The style is different, but it's worth an email to him to ask.
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Response by poster: Thanks Houstonian, I followed up with emails to both of those artists and unfortunately it is neither one of them.

Any other ideas?
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Well it was a long-shot, and my only guess. Your hunt continues!
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