What corpuses of ancient languages do you know of?
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The Sumerian post on the blue pointed us to an index of extant Sumerian works by category. What other ancient languages have this, digital or not? Specifically I'm interested in Agriculture and Farm topics but anything's good.

I have a ton of Greek and Latin works but would like to broaden my scope. Reading Columella's list in De Re Rustica and then checking for what was still available (next to none) was sad but finding the two above has my hopes up there's more out there. I am limited to English translations but don't mind Latin/French/Italian/Spanish.
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Best answer: Sounds like you'll probably have this work already but I love The Latin Library and they have Tacitus' Agricola online.
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Best answer: Have you seen this FPP about Sumerian proverbs?
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Response by poster: Thanks, those are great. I should add this comment helped me find "The Literature of Ancient Egypt" and "Ancient Egyptian Literature" (note that link only goes to volume 1 of 3). Since both have the word anthology attached to them I'll browse around a bit with other languages. I found "The Literature of Ancient Sumer" just now, which should a hard copy form of this, more or less.
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Best answer: The Corpus Scriptorum Latinorum has a list of pretty much every Latin text and sources it online, if available. (Caveat: it hasn't been updated in a while, I don't think.)

Have you read Cato's de agri cultura, if you liked Columella? The Loeb series of facing Latin-English is a good place to start.
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Response by poster: I haven't made it to Cato's work yet but do have it downloaded. A lot is available via the Text Archive, including the older Loeb books. The newer ones, like Columella's third volume, aren't up yet due to copyrights. The CSL link has a great search feature. Thank you!
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