What is this dent in my baby's forehead?
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I just noticed a small dent on my 9-week-old baby's forehead. Is this something to be concerned about?

I just discovered what can best be described as a 'dent' in her head today. It is small but noticeable. It's located on the top center of her forehead, just below her hairline. I've never noticed this before and upon looking at pictures of her from the past few weeks I can't see it. She hasn't fallen or hit her head as far as I'm aware and is perfectly healthy, eats well and has consistent bladder and bowel movements. Is there a biological reason behind this?
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That's probably the skin over her fontanelle. Depending on maybe blood pressure or other factors our children had more or less visible dents there as well. You could sometimes even see the pulse move the skin above it.
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It's nothing to worry about. Babies' heads are soft, but it will disappear as she grows and her skull firms up.
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Make sure she's well hydrated. The fontanel can be more prominent when the baby is dehydrated. But, yeah, totally normal.
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Also, don't be afraid to call your pediatrician's office. I call mine all the time and ask to speak with the nurse. I describe the situation and ask how concerned I should be and what to look out for. The nurse will be able to tell you if it's something you need to come in for or not.

Dehydration in babies can come on really fast, so it's important to know the signs. Though I agree with everyone else - probably not a big deal, just make sure she's getting enough fluids and is acting/eating/peeing normally.
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Call the ped. That's what they are there for. Seriously.
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It's most likely the fontanelle. The bones in babies' skulls are separate when they're born to allow them to squeeze through the birth canal more easily. As they get older, the bones fuse. Like others have said, if you are very concerned, just call the pediatrician.
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N-thing the fontanelle. A friend's baby has such a prominent fontanelle that I swear you can see him thinking.

Babies grow fast, and it might only now have come to prominence.
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Call the ped. That's what they are there for. Seriously.

Yep. Lord knows we pestered our pediatrician more than a reasonable amount, and they always took it in stride; new parents are always uncertain, and they will help put you at ease (or, in rare cases, tell you to come in, in which case all the better you asked.)
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RN here, nthing to the exponential level that it's the anterior fontanelle. There's a smaller one in the back of her head, too, known (shockingly) as the posterior fontanelle. Take a look and you may still be able to see hers.

Don't worry about damage to her brain. The dura, the covering of the brain between the skin of the scalp and the brain itself, is plenty tough and will provide her with ample protection until the bones of her skull fuse together.
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