Business Travel Software NOT for Web Conferencing
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Help me find meeting software to support a physical site visit (that is, not web-conferencing).

A use case illustrates this best. I'm in (say) Tampa. A prospect or client is flying in to visit me from Seattle. Maybe a week before our meeting, I want to send them a link with some of the following information:

- Bios of the people they'll be meeting with
- Local weather in Tampa
- Our agenda
- Maybe even local restaurants or hotels

I'm looking for the software or website that could build this link. I could hand build each "page" myself, but that seems like overkill and is probably not scalable for the non-technical in my company. I'm thinking this site is something like "www.[bizroad].com/117xas8", but not "bizroad". Something else. Needless to say, my Google Fu has failed me.

If I can't find anywhere that does this sort of thing exactly, I'll be cobbling something together with Movable Type or something.
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Why does this have to be on a web page? This is what email is for.

Attach a word document with the bios and agenda (non technical! no new software/web interfaces to learn or support!). Include totally normal links in the email to (a) local weather site (b) local hotel (c) local restaurant listings.
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Have you tried You can create a custom link (with or without password) where people can browse/download files such as cv's of people they will meet.

To make your life even easier each drop has a unique email address where all attachements emailed to it are stored so you can ask people to send their cvs to that address and your job is done.

Also, there is a nice extension for for chrome which will pick links from a page and send them to a drop which you can use for weather and local news etc.
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Believe me beerbajay, I hear you loud and clear.

london302, I love but never thought to use it for this. But I think they are looking for a little more drag and drop with pictures (like maybe the prospect's company logo or something). I think it's a good compromise though.
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Circling back to this: we never found anything that fit our needs exactly, but e-mails and meeting requests seem to be working fine. Thanks for the responses, though, london and beerbajay.
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