What temperature should it be?
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Painting the trim on my brick home. . . . .

Need to have the trim of my brick home painted. Live in the Atlanta area - is there an optimum temperature range you should use as a guideline as to when to have your house painted? We have had an unusually cold winter.

A plus if you can recommend a painter in the Gwinnett.
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Don't do any painting unless the weather is at least a consistent 7-10C (45-50F), otherwise you'll risk all manner of problems. Also warmer weather tends go together with longer days and less chance of heavy dew. I'd say plan to do it in April to be safe.
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As bea says, anytime that the weather's over 45F or so should be fine. Modern paints aren't very picky about the weather conditions when their applied.
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Sherwin Williams recommends 50F and above dew point for 48 hours after application of latex. I live in NC and am waiting for spring (April?) to be established before tackling house, deck and porch painting.
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Oops, should also point out that SW has other paint products that can allow you to paint down to 35F. I suppose the best answer is to determine the kind of paint you'll be using and follow the manufacturer's recommendations.
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