Which iTunes songs aren't in a playlist?
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Is there a way to tell which songs in my iTunes Music list are part of one or more of my playlists?

I'd like to get my iTunes cleaned up and useful, specifically means getting rid of a lot of random, album-less songs that I've kept around for a long time (thinking I'd use them as background music for an animation, in a remix, or that they'd otherwise be "nice to have", but never listening to them). I'm not talking about deleting duplicates or getting songs properly ID'ed, but in locating songs that aren't seeing use.

I know that iTunes has a "play count" and "last played/skipped" options, but due to sharing my iTunes with housemates and skipping around in music, these doesn't accurately represent how often I listen to a given song.

What I would like to do is place my music into playlists according to how I actually use the music (e.g. playlists for inspiration, for working out, for falling asleep), and then get rid of anything that hasn't been placed in one of these lists.

Is there a way to see what songs aren't in any playlists? This would help me make sure any songs I like do get placed in a playlist (and thus listened to), and any songs I don't really use get deleted.

Suggestions for other music programs that would let me do this would also be appreciated (Songbird?).
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You can make a smart playlist with the rule "Playlist" "Is Not" and then choose a playlist. You can use the "all" combinator and have the smart playlist have all of the playlists listed one after another in the list. Only really feasible if you have a manageable amount of playlists, but it'll work.
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In combination with Neustile's approach, you could also move all the playlists into a single playlist folder. When you have the folder selected, all the songs in all of the playlists should show. Select all of these songs and create a mega-playlist that contains all of them. Then you just need to select "playlist is not" that one mega-playlist to find the errant music, rather than listing each playlist individually.
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If your library isn't gigantic, you can also right-click on a song you're not sure about, mouseover "Show in Playlist" and it will show you which playlists, if any, that song is in.
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Are you on a Mac? There's an AppleScript for that.
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All great answers--thanks. I went with the last one and it was just what I needed.
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