Is there a program out there that calculates a room dimension from a picture?
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Is there a program out there that calculates a room dimension from a picture?

We're moving to a new place, and trying to visualize the home's blueprint. We have a ton of pictures of the interior of the house, some with me in the pictures.

I figure if one knows the dimensions of a fixed object (myself), one could surmise the surrounding dimensions of an object (the surrounding room).

I understand that it would be an approximation, but anything would help. Even better if one could pull this into sketchUp.
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Keep in mind that you'll need to know the height / width of more than one object. Say, you know your height and the height of a standard interior door, only then can you calculate the distance between the door and yourself.
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PhotoModeler will do this. It's not cheap, but there's a demo that may give you what you need.
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I would have sworn that there was a free program out there that would let you print out a reference graphic on 8.5"x11" paper. You'd place that paper into the frame, take the picture, and then the software would use the known dimensions of that to calculate the various heights and widths.

Sadly, I couldn't find it.

However, iPhotoMeasure might fit the bill. Their website is pretty annoying but CNet has a version with a seven day free trial. Or you could try uPhotoMeasure which appears to be the same software only they also offer a web app/subscription version and the site is slightly less irritating.

The product seems to be geared towards contractors so it's a little pricey for what you want to do but the 7 day trial or a month's subscription might be worth it to avoid fussing with furniture placement for a weekend or two.
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