Need to find this moving short film!
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Attempting to find a specific short animated/hand-drawn film. One specific image I can recall is of an elderly couple sitting on a bench; the female fades away indicating her death.

It was only a couple minutes long, and it had a beautiful, beautiful (piano?) track in the background. It shared elements of family, growing up, getting old, falling in love, and the changing of seasons.

The imagery ranged from children's-style crayon drawings to detailed pencil drawings.

I must find this video... I recall it being quite popular at one point, and quite a tear-jerker.

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I think that's a sequence from UP. Let me see if I can find it.
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Nah, never mind, the sequence from UP doesn't quite fit.
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A Short Love Story in Stop Motion? There's no bench scene, but it has animation ranging from crayons to detailed sketches, a piano-backed song from Sigur Rós, and a touching family-through-the-years theme.
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The tremendous short film "Father and Daughter" has the right feel, and was popular / well known (Oscar, maybe?), but the details don't quite match. I'll recommend it anyway :).
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Response by poster: No, neither of those are the right video, but Rhaomi's link does share a lot of the same themes and some of the style is quite close. And a good watch, nonetheless.
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Best answer: My time to shine!

Please enjoy The Beauty of Life. (Again.)
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Response by poster: jinjo, thank you so much! madmethods, I knew that was going to make me cry but I watched it anyway. Thank you both.
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