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Please give me recommendations for a badass keyboard amp.

I've recently acquired a Roland RD700SX (hooray!). I'm looking for an amp that, while it need not be stadium worthy, needs to cut through a drum set, vocals, and possibly an electric guitar.

I will use the Roland primarily for a piano sound, so the amp doesn't need to have a mess of effects and widgets - it's more important that the sound quality be superb (trying to get as close as I can to a grand piano sound).

While I can't spend tons of money on this amp, I also don't want to buy something crappy and end up just buying a better one in the future anyway. So I want something affordable (interpret as you wish - I don't know much about the normal price range for these things) but not junk.

So, hivemind, what amp should I get? Give me your specific recommendations in addition to general qualities you would recommend (tube v. solid state? how many W? Do I need a keyboard amp specifically?? Etc.)
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Mackie SRM150, or two of them if you must have stereo. Lightweight, small, tough, and relatively inexpensive. Takes three inputs and can even handle a mic. We just got one and it's killer loud for how small it is.
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Best answer: Most of the pros I know/work with insist on the Roland KC500. It is also the most requested amp by touring national acts for backline according to the production company I work with.
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But I personally use several specimens of bass amps from my collection because they serve my needs and I'm too cheap to add to my collection. Depending on the gig I choose from the following: Roland cube 100, Roland DB250, Ampeg RB100, or Gallien Krueger 700RB w/ Ampeg SVT 410 cab (my fave for keys).

I have a lot of amps!
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I've been hearing really great things about using the QSC K-10's or K-12 as keyboard amps. I'm thinking about picking two up for a stereo rig.
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Response by poster: After checking all these out and playing a few, I got the Roland 550. It fucking rocks. Thanks for all the advice guys!
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